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Newsletter Dated 25th August 2023, Number 14

Dear Families,

Please find attached the School Newsletter dated 25th August 2023, number 14.  

There are some amazing images from our Book Week Parade, as well as important dates for upcoming events.


Steven Hay
Acting Principal

Kinder classes - Mt Nelson Excursion 29/8/2023

Dear Families,

On Tuesday 29 August both Kindergarten classes will be visiting the Mt Nelson Sustainability Centre and then eating lunch at the Mt Nelson playground. 

We will leave at 9am and returning to school by 2pm. 

Thank you to our parent helpers already organised and keen! 

Please ensue your child wears school uniform suitable to Tuesday's weather conditions, has plenty of food for recess and lunch and their own filled drink bottle. 


Warmly, Kindergarten Team. 

Richmond Excursion - 3/4 Classes

Dear Families,

Please find attached a letter detailing information on an excursion to Richmond on Friday 1st September 2023, for both 3/4 classes.

Students are allowed to bring a maximum of $5.00 to spend at the Old-Fashioned lolly shop to buy some lollies or an ice-cream.  They will also require warm clothing, a coat, sensible footwear, a hat, snack for recess, cut lunch and their water bottles.



Angela Andriopoulos
Gabrielle Hill

Headlice Notice - 4th July 2023 - 5/6A

Dear Families,

Please be advised that a case of headlice was reported in your childs class today, and your child may have been exposed.  Please refer to the attached document.


Family Supports Brochure

Dear Families,

Please find attached a brochure which includes contact information on the support organisations available to families.


Penny Wilde

SZapp - Software Update - 7 June 2023

Dear Families,

We advise that there has been an update to SZapp which we utilise for parent communication.  Details as below.

There is a new version of SZapp available for Android and IOS Devices. Please ensure that you have updated to this version to assure you receive communications from the school.

If you are using an Android Device, you will need to uninstall the old app and install the new version.

IOS Devices (iPhones) will be able to update without requiring a re-install.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but we are confident that the improvements in the new version will make it worth it.

An online guide on how to install and register/login to SZapp is available on the Schoolzine Website here:

Click here to view the Installation Instructions

If you experience any difficulties with completing this process, please reach out to Schoolzine using To assist with your query, they ask that you provide a description of the issue you are facing, the email address you are using when facing this issue and a screenshot of the issue.

3/4B Welcome letter

Dear Families,

Please find attached a letter which was also sent home with your child today, containing information from your class teachers.


Kind Regards
Virginia Eddleston and Angela Andriopoulos

Working with Vulnerable People Card

Dear Families,

Current Education Department Policy requires that all volunteers at the school – including in the classroom, on an excursion, in the canteen or at a fundraising event – must hold a Working with Vulnerable People Card (WWVP). If you do not currently have a card and would like to help at the school, we recommend you apply now – the process is easy and costs $19.80 for volunteers for 3 years. Please visit to apply.

The school office needs to keep a copy of all cards, so once you get one, or if you already have a card and haven't supplied a copy to the school office, please can you either email a scan or photograph of the card to : or drop into the office and a staff member can take a copy of the card. Remember when your card expires to supply a copy of the renewed card to the school office. 

School communication and Facebook

Dear Families,

In the previous communications the link to the P and F Facbook page didn't seem to work. Please open attached document with all the information and link to the P and F Facbook page.


School Car parks

Dear Families,

Please find attached a letter re our school car parks which was sent home today with students.


Della Wells